"I have used several different types of shavings over the 30 years of owning horses. I have traveled up to 2 hours one way to get loads for my horses. I just recently came across TaylorSelect Horse Bedding and am just in awe of how well they cover the stall, absorb the moisture and maintain that nice clean look to the stall even after several days.
I have my horses on my own property and work had to provide a good environment for them. I have complete confidence in having clean, happy horses with TaylorSelect. Dawna is a top notch customer service person! Thank you so much for all you do for horse people!" - Jane from Wisconsin

" TaylorSelect Horse Bedding is our number one choice in premium wood shaving bedding! As a retailer things can get complicated but when we use TaylorSelect they make it easy, from having the ability to get split size loads, last minute changes, and helping us fulfill our needs we couldn't ask for more! We always hear great things from our customer regarding the products, they love the availability in flake sizes, the densely packed bags, and even the better resilience in the bags themselves. We would recommend TaylorSelect Horse Bedding to anyone looking for quality bedding for their animals! " Retailer - Florida

" TaylorSelect Bedding are great people to do business with. We use pine pellets for horses, rabbits and for a non-toxic chemical free solution for the porta-potty in the horse trailer. These are the best pine pellets we have ever used. " Ray & Sandy W.

"I have been using TaylorSelect Horse Bedding for several years now and could not be happier with the product. TaylorSelect and their staff go the extra mile to insure their customer service and their products are top of the line. The quality and fair pricing has earned my loyalty and I look forward to many years of service." Sincerely, Michelle C.

"I would like to say thank you to Dawna at TaylorSelect for all of her help and generosity in making our buying experience with them so easy. We purchased the pellets for our stalls from them and we absolutely love them. The convenience and ease of using them and the texture is just perfect. We will definitely be purchasing from you again. Thank you very much for everything! " Scott & Tammy F.