Chopped Straw

Our Chopped Straw is an ideal bedding for horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, alpacas, dogs, sheep, guinea pigs, llamas and more. It provides a soft and warm base for your animals, making it perfect for use in a foaling stall. We find that horses bedded on this product are more likely to relax and spend time laying down. Once the bag is opened it expands to approximately 10 cubic feet. Chopped Straw is more absorbent than baled straw and comparable in absorbency to our Mini Flake Shavings and Pine Pellets. Less product loss during the stall cleaning process makes Chopped Straw much more economical than baled straw. It’s also an extremely clean product. Dust and allergens are removed after the straw is chopped. We use only wheat straw and take great care from the baling stage to processing to ensure our chopped straw is consistent and of superior quality. Wheat straw is a highly sustainable and biodegradable product, making it an environmentally friendly choice. • Economical choice • Biodegradable • Screened for dust and allergens
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